Online Syllabus


Our online blended Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels course consists of a student paced online portion divided into sections (Navigation Rules of the Road, Charting, Tides/Currents, Marlinspike, Weather, Communications, Anchoring, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Aids to Navigation and Plotting).
Information is given via a textbook, powerpoint presentations and videos. Assistance is provided for each student via email correspondence and/or telephone calls throughout the online sections.
At the successful completion of the online sections, all students are required to attend a two-day (16 Hour) instructor lead classroom session. A 3B’s Instructor will proctor the U.S. Coast Guard approved final exams on the second classroom day. All students that receive passing grades on the final exams (90% Nav Rules/Plotting and 70% Deck/Navigation) will receive a certificate of completion that meets the U.S. Coast Guard exam requirements for the OUPV license. This course includes all materials and Coast Guard Approved OUPV exams.